Condestra Services

Organizations need to bring the right people with the right competencies together in support of a common goal. Condestra can help your organization identify the unique strengths of your personnel. Our services are designed to develop individual and group performance potential.

Condestra utilizes proven methodologies that effectively clarify strengths, underlying factors and leadership styles of individuals and teams across industries. These analyses form the basis for practical consulting and performance improvement for individuals, teams and organizations. Independent research is also available

Our unique approach is research-based, process - driven and results - oriented. We work closely with each client within the parameters of their own business environment. By combining an "objective" outside perspective with the organization's or individual's "subjective" inside views, we help both individuals and organizations reach greater performance levels.

Condestra provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Talks & Workshops:
    Engaging and solution oriented events on issues important for your organization
  • Leadership Development:
    To help executives and managers maximize leadership potential and develop effective leadership styles
  • Team Development:
    To increase effectiveness and productivity - and make it more fun to work together.
  • Organizational Development:
    To improve organizational performance and results.
  • Change Processes:
    To assist organizations, leaders and individuals in minimizing pain and maximizing gain from change initiatives and processes.
  • Role Development:
    To enable individuals to make productive changes to be their "best".
  • Candidate Selection and Hiring:
    To ensure that positions are filled correctly the first time.
  • Career Guidance and Retention:
    To help meet the needs of both individuals and companies.
  • Profile and Competency Development:
    To help individuals and teams fit competency requirements.
  • Conflict Resolution and Prevention:
    To help prevent and resolve conflicts in the work-place.
  • Independent Research:
    To provide analyses and reports as input to executive decisions.